We sell a variety of affordable, organic, locally grown food directly to the community. Everything is sold out of our milk house, the red attachment on the front of our barn, where we have several freezers and refrigerators stocked with available items.

Food Products & Pricing

Item Price per Pound (in $) Notes
Ground Beef 5
Steaks 8 Sirloin, Strip, London, Skirt, Flank
Miscellaneous Beef 6 Sirloin tip steaks, stew, sandwich, round steaks
T-Bone, Ribeye 10
Tenderloin 12
Boneless, Kabobs, Roasts varies when available
Other 3 Liver, Chin, Oxtail, etc.
Milk 4 / half gallon please clean and return milk bottles
Eggs 3 / dozen when available; eggs sell quickly
Hams 5 including ham steaks and pork chops
Bacon 8
Chicken 3.50 when in season
Maple Syrup varies bottles are labeled

Cow Feed for Sale

all feed is certified organic

Item Price Notes
Haylage $50-100 per ton price depends on quality
Baled Hay $3 per bale
Stop by the milk house and pet the Professor!