We sell a variety of affordable, locally grown food directly to the community. All Pork and Beef is VOF certified organic, and free from chemicals and anti-biotics. Everything is sold in our NEW farm stand, attached to the right side of the barn, where we have several freezers and refrigerators stocked with available items.

Beef Products & Pricing

Item Price per Pound (in $) Notes
Ground Beef 6
Miscellaneous Cuts 6 Stew, sandwich, round, roasts, kabobs, brisket
Sirloin Tip 6
Steaks 9 Sirloin, Strip, London, Skirt, Flank, Hanger
Premium Steaks 12 T-Bone, Ribeye, Porterhouse
Tenderloin 14
Other Cow Products 3 Liver, Tongue, Oxtail, Hearts, Shins, Bones

Pork Products & Pricing

Item Price per Pound (in $) Notes
Hams 7 Ham steaks and pork chops
Bacon 10
Sausage 6 Breakfast or unseasoned
Roasts 6
Ribs 7
Pork Tenderloin 7

Other Food Products

Milk 4 / half gallon Bottle deposit $4, please clean and return milk bottles
Eggs 4 / dozen when available; eggs sell quickly
Chicken 4.50 when in season
Maple Syrup varies bottles are labeled
Stop by the milk house and pet the Professor!